Centro promoción Sergude 1

Centro de promoción de los productos Galicia Calidad

Nuestro equipo cree que cada proyecto y cada cliente sois únicos, por eso te proponemos que hablemos y diseñemos cada encargo de manera conjunta y a tu medida.




About the project:

In cllaboation with Taller Bivaque and

egg arquitectura y paisaje

Visualization by Quatre Caps

Sergude, 2020

Area: 100Ha

The proposal integrates existing buildings on the property with the new education, R&D, production and promotion of the Galicia Calidade products quality seal buildings, as well as a series of strategies to enhance the Galician countryside.

Through this philosophy, the project is conceived as an opportunity to test new construction systems developed locally using proximity materials, incorporate sustainable agricultural management systems, enhance water cycles, close metabolic and waste cycles, etc.

The new buildings reinterpret scales, geometries, clusters, volume aggregations and topographic relationships present in Galician rural areas without giving up the functionality of current processes.

Centro promoción Sergude 2