Espacio público Iglesia San Pedro 1

San Pedro Ad Víncula square

Nuestro equipo cree que cada proyecto y cada cliente sois únicos, por eso te proponemos que hablemos y diseñemos cada encargo de manera conjunta y a tu medida.


Public space


About this project:

Visualization by Itsaso Visualización

Project, tender process

Villaescusa, 2020

Area: 3300m²

This urban project aims to transform the San Pedro's church and the bowling pitch area into a quality public space through a unitary conception of the space and the enhancement of the diversity of each of the areas that are part of the intervention.

As a result, the humanization of the space the space is achieved through the modification and replacement of existing pavements, the incorporation of vegetation and the empowerment of pedestrians.

Espacio público Iglesia San Pedro 2