SD House

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Residential, terraced house


About this project:

Collaboration, project architect at Jofre Roca Arquitectes

Mont-Roig del Camp, 2019

Area: 220m²

Rooms: 4

The clients aspired to live in a functional, friendly and luminous space.

They were looking for a large covered space on the ground level to gather with friends and throw parties for their children. Bearing this in mind, the ground floor was designed as an open-plan space with an access to the upper level private areas.


The interior spaces of the house were designed to stablish visual connections between the main street and the rear garden. Consequently, even though the terraced house typology has two facades without openings, the sensation of freedom and luminosity creates a pleasant living experience.

Considering the family’s lifestyle and their interest for sustainability and nature, we opted for raw materials for the interior design. The finishes were exposed concrete, brick painted in white and a pavement of industrial parquet made out of small reused pieces of wood, which had been discarded from other pavements.

A series of openings were created in the slab between the first and the second floor of the house to increase the flow of light and allow them to communicate at any time. This strategy also permitted to incorporate plants, creating a very relaxed and fresh atmosphere.