A work process centred on people and their real needs.


Nuestro equipo cree que cada proyecto y cada cliente sois únicos, por eso te proponemos que hablemos y diseñemos cada encargo de manera conjunta y a tu medida.


How are we going to do it?


Un proceso de trabajo centrado en personas y necesidades reales


Let's meet

Gathering information

We want to know who you are, how you are, who you would like to be and what you are looking for. This is how we make sure that we understand the starting point to build spaces for you.

Do you want to renovate a building or retrofit a house? Do you have a plot, or you have problems to choose the right one for you?

These are pertinent questions and we want to advise you from the very first moment.

Let's start

Defining the basics and your aspirations

Once we have met, we begin compiling planning information and developing studies to explore the potential of your project. Also, it is time for us to define your aspirations and your needs (RIBA stage 0).

At this time we will present our fees to you.

With all this information and an estimate building budget, we start to define the programme and the future functional features of your building (RIBA stage 1).

Let's design

Creating together

The fun part. We will get deeply involved to get the project that will improve your life, and to do so, you will be part of the team.

Our aim is to create spaces that are ordered, sustainable and designed for you, and therefore every design decision is important. At the same time, we ensure that your project complies with all regulations.

During this process we will develop two phases: the concept design (RIBA stage 2), and once the baselines are set, the developed design (RIBA stage 3).

We manage and solve

Producing specifications and details

The developed design defines the technical features and the specifications of the building, and it is a requirement to request the relevant licenses.

We know that managing the bureaucracy with the authorities can intimidate you and that is why we will be by your side and we will do everything we can for you.

Meanwhile, we will produce the detailed information of your project. In this documents we will detail the technical aspects of all those elements that you will see built when the works are finished (RIBA stage 4).

Once the technical design document is approved by the Architects' Association and checked by the city council, it will be issued to the contractor, and then, on-site works begin.

We lead the site works

Assisting and inspecting during the construction process

On-site works are developed over time and therefore, they are influenced by many changing factors (the ground, the weather, suppliers...). That is the reason why we will regularly supervise the works, and make sure everything is under control. Likewise, we assist to overcome difficulties and solve site issues (RIBA stage 5).

At the same time, we will do quality assurance checks, avoiding unexpected circumstances as much as possible.

Once all the on-site works have finished with the quality that all of us expect, we will issue the document required to finalise the works (RIBA stage 6).


Your project, for you

So far, all the parties involved in your project will have enjoyed the process. But now it is time for you to make use of the space and live it your own way.

During all the phases we will have made decisions to get the inspiring spaces you dreamed about, but in any case, we will be interested in the final result and your feedback on your new daily experience (Post-occupancy evaluation).

What else can we do for you?


Un proceso de trabajo centrado en personas y necesidades reales


We assist you

We work for you, and we are comitted to help you take informed decisions

Once the technical design documents defining your project are ready, it is time to involve the construction company and the "arquitecto técnico" o "aparejador". Whether you have someone in mind or you need us to help you, we will study all the options and defend the interests of your project; so that the final product meets our quality standards, as much as yours.

We define your furniture

Integrated design for your project

We have a holistic approach to all our projects, designing the furniture to your needs or looking for the pieces that fulfill your aspirations. This how we manage to get all the elements of your project oriented to achieve the sensations that you are looking for.

Consulting: investing in the right property

We asses the existing condition 

We guide you on crucial issues such as urban planning regulations, as well as slope and topography of the plot, orientation and sunlight, prevailing winds, height and materials of the surrounding buildings, construction pathologies in existing buildings...

Technical documents

  • Passivhaus Planning guidance and consultancy
  • Informe de evaluación de edificios (IEE, ITE)
  • Valoraciones
  • Certificados energéticos 

We would love to meet you:


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Estamos deseando conocerte:


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